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Jan. 3rd, 2016 02:37 pm
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"................... /click"

[ooc: IC inbox for Pharos! Leave him a message! (Maybe one day he'll figure out how voicemail outgoing messages work.)]
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Name: Current: Phillip Santorini Original: Pharos
Age: 10 at STE start, 13 as of RTE start (Birthday is January 1st)
Appearance: Rather lithe child with black hair, bright blue eyes, and a characteristic birth mark under his left eye.
Occupation: Middle school student

Full Application: Linked here.

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character name: Pharos de Angelo
age: 10
general notes: Well... he's ten. :|b

platonic? Sure but he will be confused.
romantic? Unless you mean like holding hands, no.
sexual? Heeeeeell no.
can we fight? Ask first, please.
can i injure your character? Including in the asking about fighting, but usually yes.
to what extent can i harm your character? Not to a point where he's permanently incapacitated.
inherent content warnings: Pharos's fix is about death, and he's very not helpful to the suicidal, so that's possible.
ic issues to avoid? Not really.
character-specific triggers/squicks? Not a lot currently bothers Pharos. This will probably change.
are any character-specific triggers/squicks strictly off-limits? Nope.
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How am I doing with Pharos? Leave me any feedback here! Anon is enabled. Flames will be ignored.
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